WIP Wednesday: Brick by Brick

mindmapThe mindmapping? I like it. Makes my jumbled thoughts and million “maybes” and “what if’s” look all organized.

I found that the mindmap feature in LSBXE didn't quite suit me, so I used FreeMind, which I already had, and just created a quick link to the program so I can access it with one click from my writing program. Easy peasy.

Now that I've got the idea fleshed out for the most part, I’m doing a little engineering today.

I recently picked up Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, and have already dog-eared a bunch of pages. So many gems in there. Really, you should check out his blog. Some of those gems can be found there, and they help clear away the clutter of the billion-and-one books and articles you’ve already read on writing and give it to you straight.

Hoping to get the bulk of this story plan done by the end of the day so I can start writing it tomorrow. No time to waste – I’ve got a new world to build!

Fellow WIP Wednesday posse:

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  1. Finding the right piece of advice or the right worksheet that cuts through the crap is a religious experience, I swear. There aren’t many that we can always use, but they are worth digging through the piles to find. Awesome.

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