WIP Wednesday is Acrobatic

You know how they say one should put a ticking time bomb (virtual or otherwise) in your story to motivate your characters? It works for writers, too!

The word sprints have been pretty good to me. Challenged with the countdown timer hovering over my shoulder like the Angel (while I put the Devil known as procrastination in the corner), my word count is slowly click-click-clicking onward and upward.

But – then it happened. I got stuck. 2500 words in and all of a sudden, it seemed like my characters had all slipped into cement shoes (and not in a good way). They were going nowhere.

So after lamenting about it for a bit, I realized I was going to have to get creative (duh) and try looking at the story from another angle.

Sometimes sideways isn't enough. Sometimes it takes standing on one’s head to get the creative juices flowing.  

If all else fails, I’m going to invest in an inversion table or The Space Pen.

Fellow WIP Wednesday posse:

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