WIP Wednesday Hears Dead Voices

So, I’m in the middle of plotting my NaNoWriMo project.

I’ll be expanding a short story idea into a novel.

No, I am not crazy.

I love this story. LOVE the characters. Actually went so far as to submit the short version to a few markets.

But after my own nagging feeling (and some notes I took while writing on how I could expand it if I ever decided to), and the editor notes I received that, although they couldn’t accept the story as-is, saw it as an intro to a much larger piece, I decided to go with it.

I've done NaNo 4 times now.

2007 was good. My 1st attempt and I hit the 50,000 mark no problem.

2008, I decided to continue with the manuscript from 2007 and finished most of the story – but it’s still not done.

2009 – disaster of epic proportions. I decided to do a series of at least 10 short stories, all Ancient Egyptian horror-themed. Bad idea. 10 stories + 10 plot lines + a bare minimum of 20 characters + umpteen settings = a huge mountain to climb.

2010 – What would turn out to be the 2nd book in a series along with the one I started in 2007/2008. Then, my beloved Zoey-kitty got sick and I spent all my time with her until she died toward the end of the month and then I had no interest in writing. Unfinished.

So here we are – 2011. I’m building on the characters and plot I already have in place. Adding depth to their back stories. Conjuring up conflict. Interweaving horror with the paranormal and itching to get typing already!

The cool thing, though? One of those failed short stories from last year actually meshes really well with this book. It adds some extra depth to this story, so I’ve decided to work part of that into this book and also rework the short and either sub it somewhere or self-publish it in 2012.

Nothing better than feeling inspired!

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