Music Monday: With A Little Help From My Friends

I owe many of my musical discoveries to my fellow inkslingers.

My good friend David J Rodger shared this soundrack, done by Underworld, for the live theatre performances of Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein (with Jonny Lee Miller – swoon! and Benedict Cumberpatch)

It starts out dreamlike, ethereal, lovely, melodic but then the clanging of bells add a stark jolt and the soundtrack begins to shift, to decay into something more haunting.

Frankenstein House is the shortest of the tracks but it is lovely and warbling.

One of my main sources for new musical discoveries is fellow dark ambient lover Barry Napier. Barry has introduced me to many new bands, including the wonderfully strange yet melodic Sleep Party People. This song is addictive! And I cannot stop watching those bouncing bunny ears as they really get into the song.

Lastly, I heard about Hecq via the NaNoWriMo forums. Their tracks range from dub step in one of my faves, Sura, to the creepy Dis. I’m not sure why but it reminds me of the film version of The Shining. It is definitely atmospheric, and something that is sure to inspire.

So, what are your latest musical discoveries? Or what are you listening to while writing your next killer story?

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