The One Where She Finished Writing The Book

This was me about 10 minutes ago when I finished writing my book.

Not gonna lie. Things were looking shaky there for a while at the end. I got stuck. My outline was a jumbled mess of half-planned or redundant scenes. The words just didn’t want to come.

But I stuck with it. Busted out the pen & paper when I needed distraction-free writing time. Pulled a few all-nighters. And now the first draft is done.

Pardon me while I do a little jig.

4 comments to The One Where She Finished Writing The Book

  • Samuel Mae  says:

    Hooray! *jigs with you*

    • Mary  says:

      Thanks! It’s a great feeling!

  • Cate Gardner  says:

    Woot! Go Mary and Wednesday.

    • Mary  says:

      Thanks Cate! Feel free to join me in the Wednesday Shuffle! 😉

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