Toronto-native Mary Rajotte is a self-professed bibliophile and wordsmith who pens dark, atmospheric fiction & creepy tales that explore myths, dreams and nightmares.

Her story Creepy Crawleys is included in Northern Haunts: 100 Terrifying New England Tales by Shroud Publishing while her story Like Flies to Honey is in the Winter 2010 Issue of Shroud Magazine.

Her piece “The Lockwood Collection” can be found in The Scroll of Anubis anthology from Library of Horror Press.

In 2014, Mary started self-publishing her short stories, with plans to release more ebooks in 2016.

Her eerie tales inspire readers to double-check the deepest, darkest closets, to peer anxiously under their beds, and to always sleep with the lights on.

She is inspired by the drive & creativity of her grandmother, children’s writer Bernadette Rajotte, composer of A Child’s Christmas Prayer, and Young Hearts, which are a part of the National Library of Canada, and author of countless short stories, as well as Who Am I?: A Mother Goose Quiz Book (1978), which is part of the Toronto Library’s Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books.

Want to know what else I do?

When I’m not writing, I write about writing…and books!

Visit my alter ego, Miss Write where I provide pencil-sharp tips and invaluable tricks of the trade. I also sell planner & writer-themed stickers on Etsy.

Or check out Bloody Bookish, where I post about horror fiction, review books, and interview dark fiction authors.



For the curious lot:

Name: Mary Rajotte
Mispronunciations: ro-JET, ra-JOE
Correct: rah-ZHOT
(“rah” sounds similar to “rabbit”) (the “jo” in “jotte” sounds similar to azure. The “otte” sounds like “hot”.)
Origin: French Canadian (listen to it!)