Plans for 2009

PreparationsI thought it would be a great idea to start planning ahead for 2009.

What are your writerly plans for the New Year? Write more? Try a new genre? Take a class? Post your hopes for the new year – and encourage one another to make them happen!


Here are a few of mine:
– write AT THE VERY LEAST 1 new story a month
– improve on parts of the craft I feel I am weak at (dialogue, for one)

– get into some magazines and anthologies
– get my specfic online zine going!
– get back on track with my online Horror/Dark Fiction Crit Group 🙂

– edit my novel during NaNoEdMo (March)
– start thinking about a new project for NaNoWriMo in November

I'm sure I'll come up with more!

If anything, NaNoWriMo showed me that I am more than capable of writing 5000 words a day – so I really should be much more productivethan I am right now.

So…what are your plans?


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