Modus Operandi

There's a new method to my madness…and I like it.

When I'm working on a piece, there is inevitably that moment of panic when I hit the wall of nothingness. When no amount of brainstorming, or pacing, or even coffee will inspire me with what should come next.

The 2008 me would sit, pout, gnash my teeth, and come to the delusional-yet-somehow-believable conclusion that maybe I'm just not cut out for the writing life at all.

Nicorette MonsterBasically falling prey to those nasty little voices in my head – which, for some reason, resemble the Nicorette Monster (even though I'm a non-smoker – way to go Johnson & Johnson Marketing Dept.)

But it's 2009 now. And there's a new sheriff in town.

The new me is not content to rest on my laurels, wallowing in self-pity. Hell, no! I'm taking names.

So, I'm going to let you in on my little secret. My only reservation? The solution was so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to share.


Here it is…

Lost, stuck, or perhaps simply bored of the piece I was working on, I set it aside…and swiftly started working on another piece!

That's it. Secret revealed. Hand? Meet forehead.

It's refreshing how easily I was able to put that one story aside and not only brainstorm a new idea, but put together a cast of characters, a plot, and underlying conflict to boot.

I've already written more in this one piece in a night than I have after days working on the other. Dude!

Of course, I know it won't always be this easy. But sometimes…you just need to let things brew a while.

And at the very least, it has restored my confidence and allowed me to dash those nasty little voices in one fell swoop.

Let's just hope one sinister little one will remain. Otherwise, I'm going to have to start writing romance novels.

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