Paring Down

Paring DownSo, writing went well today. Disconnecting from the network so I don't mindlessly surf has worked wonders!

I managed 495 words on The Hanging Garden, reinforcing the fact that I need to do a little brainstorming before I finish that one. And I haven't even gotten to the meat of the story yet.

I also wrote 2584 on The Lockwood Collection. That one already had a few thousand down, so my slow-building fear that I was going to have some serious editing to do on that one to pare it down has now been realized as, again, I haven't even really touched on the main storyline yet.

I think NaNo ruined me. I guess I've become accustomed to having so much room to work with that now I have to re-learn how to start right at the major spark of the story instead of slowly building things up.

So, even though there's that nagging voice in my head telling me I'm just writing things that will eventually be cut, I'm going to move forward, for fear of losing momentum. Maybe it's just my brain's way of sussing out the real point of each story.

I'm not discouraged, though. Knowing what I want to achieve with each story – the twists, the creepiness, the final reveal – keeps me going, and my excitement is still there for both pieces. What more can I ask for?!

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