Abandoned Places

Remember The X-Files episodes "Home" (with the inbreeding Peacock family) and "Gender Bender" (with the secretive, Amish-type community)? I'm not sure what it is about creepy small towns that I love so much, but I just can't get enough of them.

Maybe it's my "big city" upbringing. Or the weekend road-trips we take in the summer, picking a general direction and simply driving until we end up…somewhere.

Needless to say, these jaunts are an adventure. In fact, there has been more than one Texas Chainsaw Massacre moment. You know – the long stretch of road, the weathered cobblestone streets of small town Ontario and abandoned, falling down farmhouses just oozing atmosphere.

Lucan House
photo: courtesy of Ontario Abandoned Places

But there's just something about those unknown places that gives me a little thrill.

And well…call me crazy, but I'm up for more!

The only problem? We've gone everywhere! Well, everywhere a full tank of gas and a small stack of CDs will take us. Luckily, I discovered Ontario Abandoned Places. I sense a "What (Creepy Things) I Did On My Summer Vacation" post in the not-so-distant future!

I also love that they have super-secret Members Only locations on the website. It gets my twisted mind turning…I just have to know where they are, what history they hold, what whispers of long-forgotten times can be heard on evening breezes.

So, I'm keeping my camera charged and now have a whole new list of places to visit this summer (and hopefully a notebook full of story ideas). Who needs Disneyland?!

Music: Solar Fields – Movements: Sol

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    • Thanks fellow X-Phile! The important question though…were you a Shipper or a No-Romo?!

      Glad to introduce you to my blog and hope to see you back again. I’ll have to keep posting songs to keep you intrigued 😉

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