TILT – May 14, 2009

For the uninitiated, TILT (Things I Love Thursday) is a weekly column started by Miss Gala Darling in which she professes her love of things big and small, sparkly & sequined.

These are the things that made me happy this week:

TILT May 14, 2009

Being productive, cutting out stickers for my Writer's Accountability Chart, a new Rimmel eye crayon in Tribal Punk, looking forward to the long weekend (even if it's going to rain!), meeting so many cool new people on Twitter, seeing that the landscape has really begun to bloom, more Egyptian Hieroglyphs on Lost, 2-hour season finales of some of my fave shows, that feeling in my stomach when the masked man showed his 'face' for the first time in The Strangers (though I did feel the movie dragged a bit), finally seeing a special on Egyptian Mythology on Discovery Civilization Channel that I haven't seen before, red grapes, hair scarves, window shopping, dreaming about owning a pair of Fluevogs, my new Moo Card holder from Dear Sukie, planning to get together with long-lost friends.

So – what about you? What are your TILTS?


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