I Will

Overcast, slightly cool & breezy day today. Perfect for a little H.U.V.A. Network and coffee while working.

After some research, I'll be attempting to edit down 5000 bloated words to something (hopefully) more readable and decidedly more creepy, especially once I intro the bits of research I've just done. Prepare for a skin-crawlingly sinister little piece!

Music: H.U.V.A. Network: Orientations (Above Towns Edit) from Ephemeris

click below to listen!

[audio:H.U.V.A. Network_03_Orientations (Above Towns Edit).mp3]

P.S. Not only did I miss my weekly round-up, my board was virtually blank (and pathetically so, only earning 8 out of a possible 56 stickers for the week) that I decided to spare myself the embarrassment and not even post about it. That's what happens when one plans to write and then goes to the horse races on Saturday and turns Sunday into an errand day. All I can say is I will do better this week.


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