Strange Breed

I've hit the halfway mark in terms of required words for NaNoWriMo – and strangely it doesn't feel like I've written 25,000 words.

Maybe it's because the words are dispersed between 4 different stories right now. What I do know is it doesn't feel like previous years.

I haven't had to scramble and pull too many all-nighters (which honestly, I miss – I know this might surprise those of you who are a part of that strange breed known as Morning People, but I thrive on and relish the all-nighter). There just isn't that same sense of desperation – hahaha! – I've felt before. Well…not entirely…

Originally, the collection was going to be one theme, but my lack of Brilliant Ideas has made me realize that pigeon-holing myself into that one theme is a recipe for disaster (and a true inspiration killer). Frankly, simply being able to write the 50,000 words I need is enough for me. I'll make it all look pretty come December.


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