There’s A Story In There Somewhere – Galileo’s Stolen Fingers

Stuck for a story idea? Let me help! I'll periodically post a random tidbit that struck me as odd and offer it up to you as the potential seed for a story.

Use it as a starting point for your #FridayFlash. Take an idea from it, twist it and tweak it into something all your own. Share your idea with the rest of us – I'd love to see how many different incarnations everyone can come up with. I may just try my hand at it myself…

What do you say?

Galileo's FingerToday's tidbit: this article I read about a Florence Museum putting the finger, thumb and tooth of Galileo up for display.

The body parts, found by an art collector after he purchased a lot of religious artifacts at an auction, were apparently cut from the astronomer's body during a burial ceremony in the 1600's. The good news? The disembodied parts will be showcased along with two telescopes, a compass and a wealth of Galileo's other instruments (and his middle finger, which is already on display in the Museum).

The better news? After revamping the Museum, they also renamed it in the famous astronomer's honor. Hey, I would have to, if for no other reason than to appease the ghost of Galileo, whom I'm betting will be showing up during the Witching Hour to search for his missing appendages.

So – what do you think? Is there a seed of a story in there that you can build upon? What would you have done if you had discovered the missing fingers buried in your basement or in a seemingly innocent auction purchase? What kind of person would chop the fingers off a corpse (Galileo or not)? Where would you take the story, given these bizarre circumstances?

Challenge extended.

Tune in next week to share your story, read mine, and receive another strange writing prompt!

Photo: Museo Galileo

8 comments to There’s A Story In There Somewhere – Galileo’s Stolen Fingers

  • David Sobkowiak  says:

    Awesome idea! Thanks!
    .-= David Sobkowiak´s last blog ..Time, see what’s become of me… =-.

    • Mary  says:

      I’d love to see what you come up with, David!

  • Aaron Polson  says:

    Maybe fingers are good luck…like an old man’s toes–er–a rabbit’s foot.
    .-= Aaron Polson´s last blog ..Five Question Friday: Barry Napier =-.

    • Mary  says:

      Maybe they sell them as keychains in the Museum Gift Shop!

  • Jenny Beans  says:

    There is definitely a story seed in there… imagine issuing that as a challenge and seeing what a bunch of different people came up with. I already know mine would have zombies chewing on the limbs and appendages of Galileo… 😀
    .-= Jenny Beans´s last blog ..“The Southern Vampire Mysteries” Still Sort of Suck… =-.

    • Mary  says:

      Do it, Jenny! And then let me read it 🙂

  • Katey  says:

    I very often find stories like this to be inspirational– that’s why I subscribe to Smithsonian, I swear. (Well that and the Smithsonian is awesome.)

    I love this one. Oh man. Galileo, severed body parts, and FLORENCE. So many of my favorite things…
    .-= Katey´s last blog ..The Pride Month Post =-.

    • Mary  says:

      I’m sure you would turn this into an awesome story. I’d love to read it if you do!

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