Writing Wednesday – Frankensteining It

Stitched UpMy current WIP is almost done. The thing that's holding me up? It was originally a flash piece, but after a bit of researching (shout-out to KV Taylor!), a few seeds sprouted into tidbits that I couldn't resist adding into the story.

So, the research coupled with a late-night brainstorming session has enabled this story to grow beyond its meager beginnings.

Not that I'm complaining. These little extras have given it an added dose of intrigue as I try to piece the two parts together. Good to know I can still get excited about writing. I don't imagine that I'll ever tire of it – but after a few stalled stories, I'm really enjoying writing this one and happy to be excited about it again.

My Current WIPS

I think I said it all above. Working on that story plus also polishing another. Plans still brewing for #WeSeWriMo.

Fellow writers, do you also work on multiple stories simultaneously?

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5 Responses to Writing Wednesday – Frankensteining It

    • Thanks Nat. Though it took me longer to make the image for this blog post than it did to figure out how to piece together the 2 halves of my story

  1. Gosh, it DOES hurt to have a few stories stall out. I get that often with shorts– in fact I’m not every good with them in general, and require things to click perfectly before I can spit one out at all. (Unlike novels, in which we have enough wiggle room to keep fighting through it. Man.)

    But yay for research! Hee!

    • I was reading your journal and we are so much alike it’s scary & cool! I spend forever picking the right names before I start. Often don’t come up with a great title until the end or at least well into it. Need to have at least an idea of how everything will fit together and need that excitement throughout or else I lose interest. Basically, I expect my story to woo me until I’m weak in the knees. I suspect you are the same 🙂

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