Altered Words – The Stone

From The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

She waited in the cold,
muttered, “You’ll die out here…
your rotting body…
your bones”.
Wait…..and think…..
“Just a stone,
The stone,” she whispered,
“The remains”.

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8 Responses to Altered Words – The Stone

  1. Ryan says:


  2. Cate Gardner says:

    You defaced a Stephen King book…Oh, you are in so much trouble. :D *Runs off to deface some books too*

    • Mary says:

      Only virtually, Cate (i.e. in Photoshop). I could never scribble in my books (textbooks are ok though – hehe). I’m going to make it a weekly blog post, so feel free to share yours too!

  3. Katey says:

    That is fucking rad.

    It needed said.

  4. Jenny Beans says:

    Mary, that is AMAZING! Beautiful.

  5. James Melzer says:

    Wow! That was awesome, and an unbelievably creative idea. Good job, Mary :)

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