Writing Wednesday: Mopping Up

In my current #WIP, there is some mopping up to be done by my 2 main characters. It's a gruesome task in comparison to the mopping up I am doing in preparation for the long weekend (i.e. laundry, making picnic plans, final edits of the aforementioned tale).

So, even though I feel like this is the never-ending edit, things could be much worse. Wait till you read what task they are tackling 🙂

I plan to take it easy for the next few days, but that doesn't mean I won't still sneak in some brainstorming for other WIPs. Besides, what better way to do so than staring up at the clouds from under a shady tree?

In other writing news:

  • One of my fave Brits and constant source of inspiration DJR has finished the first draft of his latest novel, Dog Eat Dog. Cannot wait to read it!
  • I hear the first edition of the Red Penny Papers is going to be stellar, with pieces so far from Aaron & Cate. I better finish my submission and hope it gets accepted
  • Barry Napier really is conquering the writing world with the acceptance of his poetry collection, A Mouth For Picket Fences. GO Barry!
  • I'm completely jealous that my fellow hi-fiver Katey is going to the Mutter Museum to do a little research! Yes – medical oddities are fun!
  • Miss Beanses has started posting snippets of stories that will appear in the From The Dark Side Anthology. Looking forward to reading more!

Funny how it's Summer and I seem busier now more than ever. I guess when you're freelancing, it's harder to differentiate between seasons. Or week. Or days. Or hours.

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7 Responses to Writing Wednesday: Mopping Up

  1. Medical oddities are THE BEST! I am so excited to get to go there– and hoping I can get into the library at the Physician’s College too. Mmm, 1820s med student hijinks shall resume very soon, methinks.

    RPP needs ya!

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