Friday Five: Things to Read, Watch & Share

FiveNormally I reserve Fridays for my "There's A Story In There Somewhere" post – but it's a long weekend. You shouldn't have to work. And neither should I!

So, here are a few interesting reads around the interwebs to get you through the holiday (or weekend, if you are not located stateside or like me, already enjoyed our holiday yesterday).

1: The Horologist
Hankering for a little "Victorian clockwork madness"? Check out Katey's new piece in Vol.2 – Issue 2 of The New Bedlam Project

2. Burning Effigy
Toronto's small press Burning Effigy is featured on Torontoist. Great read – the passion of editors Monica S. Kuebler & Jeff Cottrill are palpable.

3. Help Build Stephen King's Empire
Stephen King wants you to help him build his empire! He's looking for photos of places, shops, and items that have names related to his books, stories and King himself. Check out the website for more details

4. Haven
I'm looking forward to checking out Haven, the new series based on King's "The Colorado Kid". And it was filmed in Nova Scotia (Canada for those not in-the-know). The show starts July 12 on Showcase in Canada and on July 9 on SyFy in the US

5. Honour the Troops
One of my articles this week was a call to fellow Canadians to write to their troops, either via message board or through the Share A Cup Campaign from Toronto EMS & Tim Hortons. I decided to share it again here. Wherever you hail from, I hope you will do the same for your own armed forces.

So, that's it! A little light reading, some fun stuff and a bit of patriotism.

Happy 4th to all the Americans reading. My Mom's a Texan, so I get to celebrate a 2nd holiday this weekend 🙂

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  2. I’m looking forward to “Haven” as well. Seems like it’ll be a nice creepy balance for “Eureka”s doofiness. (Eureka tries to be serious, but they’re so much awesomer when they’re being doofy.)

    Thanks for the shout out!

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