There’s A Story In There Somewhere – Ozzy Osbourne: Medical Miracle

Ozzy Osbourne in waxDid my challenge to write a tale inspired by Galileo's stolen fingers pique your interest?

I actually brainstormed on it a bit, but my idea needs some tweaking before I share. But don't let that stop you! If you wrote something, do feel free to share!

So, today's strange writing prompt comes from an article on the one and only Ozzy Osbourne. When talking about his once booze and drug-adled lifestyle, Ozzy quipped that he was a medical miracle for surviving the years of partying, and as a result, his body should be shown off at London's Natural History Museum.  

Although I was more excited when I pondered how displaying the original Prince of Darkness (aka Dracula) would be far more exciting (albeit impossible), it got me to thinking about our current museums and how they will change in the future.

Last year I went to see the Book of the Dead at the ROM. This past March, I went to the AGO for the King Tut Exhibit. Cities the world over have museums and exhibitions showcasing ancient artifacts, treasures and even the odd disembodied finger or two.

So, how will museums change? 100 years from now, will all our museums be filled with embalmed stars and starlets as a result of our celebrity-obsessed culture? What kind of world would it be if history's most sought-after treasures were not the origins of civilization but a strange collection of gossip magazines, celebrity photos and enshrined bodies of people who are famous for being famous?

What story would you write given this bizarre writing prompt? Would you write a tongue-in-cheek tale or twist it into something chilling and horrific? Share your ideas in the comments section!

You know I would opt for something twisted…..

Have a great weekend!

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