Music Monday Has A Migraine

There is a heatwave here in Toronto and it is supposed last through the week.

I am not a delicate little flower by any means, but with heat, smog and humidity advisories being issued by the city, I am doing my best to stay cool and not provoke any headaches.

So, today's musical choice is Travis. Mellow without being overly stimulating, which suits editing quite nicely (my task for the day).

I fell off the blogging wagon last week, but I've also been networking with my fellow freelance writers a lot lately, which is something I hadn't really worked into my schedule up to now. It's great to have the same support for my articles as I do from my fellow fiction writers for my stories.

The only thing I have to watch out for is remaining too tethered to the computer. Besides needing to give my eyes a break, Summer only lasts for so long (even if it is sweltering out there) so best to enjoy it.

Maybe the Birthday Gods will get my a snazzy new gadget to take outside with me so I can while away my hours writing under a shady tree.

Or – uh – I could just grab my pen & paper 🙂

Stay cool, kids!

4 Responses to Music Monday Has A Migraine

    • I’ve been there in the summer & I remember how hot it was. It’s in the mid-forties with the Humidex here (which is what – almost 110F?). If we didn’t have A/C, we’d probably have broken up by now 🙂 Stay cool!

      I <3 Fran 🙂

  1. grew up in Buffalo, NY, and I remember hanging in Toronto in the summer. For being further North, it sucked for heat. Someday I gotta get back up there to check out how much has changed

  2. I was in Georgia last weekend. It was warm (but not hot), sunny and breezy there. Then I came home to NY and it was hot and muggy. My creativity is in hibernation, trying to espace the heat. I hope your plan works out better than my ‘try not to move and increase your body heat’ plan!

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