NaNo Day 5 – Punk Is Not Dead

My usual writing music is dark ambient. But this time, I've decided to do what all the cool kids do and pick a playlist that would suit the story I’m writing.

One of the settings in my NaNo novel is the local pub. So what better way to get into the mindset but to play a little Exploited, Dead Kennedys, The Pogues and The Real McKenzies. That’s what’s so great about writing. Downloading music for ‘research’. Plus, they all share a similar vein of punk rockin’ celtic sound that I’ve always liked, so why not be inspired by it?

Maybe @LizWorthXO can offer me a few more suggestions but until then, Scene 3 and 4 are fueled by the above.

Words Written Today: 2065
End-of-Day Word Count: 8814


  • I had no trouble writing a fight between my 2 MCs, who also happen to be married. What that says about me, I don't know. But I couldn't get my fingers to fly furiously enough.
  • my research is coming in handy to more than just me – my female MC is looking into the same research topics. Next time, I need to record each & every little thing and not rely upon my computer history, which only seems to go back a month. Better bookmarking, I must do

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