Balanced Scales

So, as we did some purging of our closets a few months ago, we found a bunch of boxes that we had not touched since we moved into the condo in 2004.

In one of them, there was a broken hand mirror. We jokingly said that our run of 7 years of bad luck would finally come to an end in 2011 then.

The thing is – I’m not joking here. Whenever something goes wrong for us, it comes in 3’s. Always. ALWAYS.

So as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, I decided to put all the bad things that had happened behind us and start anew.

Then our kitchen sink pipe broke a few days later and it overflowed under the dividing wall and drenched part of our living room carpet. We still have to pay from the damage the leaking washing machine did to the unit below us so we frantically mopped it up and ran fans on the carpet all day.

We finally bought our new washer/dryer and have it scheduled for next weekend. There was a notice on the delivery elevator yesterday that it will be out of use until the end of the month. So we will have to reschedule delivery.

Last night after our workout we decide to make smoothies. Then the blender broke mid-blend resulting in lumpy frozen berries, milk and a bit of juice.

I know – not devastating (when compared to some of the other things that went on in 2010). But I couldn't help but chuckle today. I went out early one morning last week for an appointment. I figured it would be a long wait but when I got there, I was able to go in right away and when I left, the bus was there within 5 minutes (hooray, since it was quite nippy out).So I figured maybe my luck WAS changing. And then when I got home my sweater got caught on something, creating some pulled threads, and I dropped my scarf and stepped on it with my wet, snowy shoes.

See. The Universe really does balance itself out!

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