WIP Wednesday Is Indecisive

Oh man. I’ve really let my story get away from me. And I’ve barely started it yet!

I’m working on a short. I always intended for it  to be a short, with the idea in the back of my mind that I might explore it in longer form later. In fact, it is one of the ideas I had for my the short story collection I also have brewing on the back-burner.

But the more I answer my own questions and do research to make sure the story works logically, the more tidbits I uncover that would make it a killer story – and one that needs more than a short format to spread its wings.

So – do I continue with the shorter version, only hinting at the true tangle of story threads (which are of course masterfully interwoven) that are yet to be revealed?

Or do I just go for the novel/novella-length piece and forget the short story all together?


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