I Can Haz New Ideaz? Plz?

March is NaNoEdMo. I should SO be editing this March. I have 2 NaNo novels that are unfinished. And in my mind, my 2010 project was the 1st in a series of books.

But – I have the perfect idea for my 2011 project. And you know how it is with bright, shiny, new ideas, especially to hoarders or magpies (like me).

I swoon over the bright & shiny. I will gladly give up sleep to indulge in the bright & shiny.

Last night, I couldn’t turn my mind off and could not go to sleep until I had scribbled down the ideas that came to me as I lay my sleepyhead on the pillow. These words? They were not for my current WIP. A WIP I have been toiling over for some weeks now because I just can't seem to get it right.  Oh, no. The words in question were for the Bright & Shiny New Novel Idea. A temptress, she is.

But we all know how it goes. The more we try to ignore the ideas, or put them off for the “right time”, the more they needle, and in my case wriggle their way through my brain like a worm so that I’m forced to creep around in the middle of the night and put on my camping headlamp to jot them down in the half-dark, lest I frighten the little darlings with the BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT! and I lose my oh-so-brilliant idea forever. The things we do!

Don’t judge. You know you would stand on your head or write across the entire length of your arm a thousand times over out of the fear that this could be your Last Great Idea Evarrrrr and so you must stop at nothing to capture it.

Neurotic? Nope. Just a writer.

4 Responses to I Can Haz New Ideaz? Plz?

  1. Okay I am right there with you. If I were able to stand on my head and right I am sure I would. I am glad to know it’s not just me. I turn off the lights and on come the ideas. If I so much as move guess what the blasted things run for cover like little night bugs or something. I haven’t written on my arm (Yet) but the other time I seem to get great ideas is when I am at one of my jobs. I have been known to take little slips of napkins and jot down thoughts. Then in absent minded fashion throw them away LOL! Can’t win for losing some days LMAO!

    • I know exactly what you mean. Being both a pack-rat and late-night scribbler, I have about a billion notebooks and often just reach for the 1st one I find when writing down ideas. The problem with that is when it comes time to find what I actually wrote.

      Whether the idea was actually any good? That’s another story 🙂

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