Everyday I’m Shuffling

Having a bulletin board full of story ideas is all well and good – but over-pre-scheduling is like setting myself up to fail.

So I moved a few of my (lesser anticipated) stories to the backburner and have shuffled my ideas around to make it more manageable.

Okay, so there are still 17 shorts, 2 novels in each of 2 novel-series, 2 novellas and 2 experimental projects that I want to tackle…

So, Iā€™m not sure if I made anything better. But it was fun moving things around on the bulletin board. That counts, right?

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One Response to Everyday I’m Shuffling

  1. That DEFINITELY counts! Sometimes organization makes us feel like we’re in control. Sometimes it just proves how we’ll never get caught up.

    But in this case, it’s a GOOD thing never to run out of ideas, so it’s awesome šŸ˜€

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