Everyday I’m Shuffling

Having a bulletin board full of story ideas is all well and good – but over-pre-scheduling is like setting myself up to fail.

So I moved a few of my (lesser anticipated) stories to the backburner and have shuffled my ideas around to make it more manageable.

Okay, so there are still 17 shorts, 2 novels in each of 2 novel-series, 2 novellas and 2 experimental projects that I want to tackle…

So, I’m not sure if I made anything better. But it was fun moving things around on the bulletin board. That counts, right?

One comment to Everyday I’m Shuffling

  • Katey  says:

    That DEFINITELY counts! Sometimes organization makes us feel like we’re in control. Sometimes it just proves how we’ll never get caught up.

    But in this case, it’s a GOOD thing never to run out of ideas, so it’s awesome 😀

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