Hooked on Books

Right now I’m reading 2 books that have me hooked in completely different ways.

The first is Dark Dreams, Pale Horses by Rio Youers. There is a real problem with this book. It is so deliciously gorgeous that I only allow myself a few pages at a time so I can make it last for as long as possible. I know it seems silly to mete it out in bits and pieces but it is the kind of book that is totally engrossing for its poetic language and stark stories. It is beautiful in its darkness, language I want to linger and get lost in, and the style of writing I aspire to.

The second book is a Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke. Kin is written as an absolute page-turner. The first chapter has a brutality that drew me in and made me NEED to know what was going to happen next. So did the 2nd chapter. And the 3rd. THAT’S the type of writing we all try to achieve, isn’t it? With this book, I am instantly hooked and unable to (or perhaps not willing to) stop myself from being dragged along for the ride.

2 very different books, 2 reading experiences that I hope my writing, one day, is able to achieve.

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