Every Day I’m Juggling

After being stuck for a few days on the scene I left off with before my vacation, I’m now plowing through a new scene where my main character undergoes hypnosis. I’m just about to have him put under, so I’m looking forward to getting into the meat of it.

I’m also outlining a story I want to do as a free giveaway for All Hallows Read. See, I was smart and set up a reminder in my Google calendar. Because normally, I would leave things like this to the last minute and then not have enough time to follow through.

So, along with the above, the novel, the potential novella I am planning (which may become a web serial), the Super Secret Project I am trying to set up and the 2 markets I want to sub to that will be opening to submissions soon – let’s just say I am once again juggling a million projects. I just can’t help myself.

Although this works for me on a creative level (I can flit from one to the other when I get stuck), I still have to learn the art of time management. There’s never enough of it, and what time I do have usually gets hoarded onto 1 project at a time instead of the million I WANT to be working on.

Not to mention the fact that the Olympics are finally here. It’s an addiction. CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING.

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