nirvana_scrap2Yesterday, I found my old scrapbook from my college days. It was filled with newspaper clippings of favourite bands, concert ticket stubs and other mementos.

It reminded me of a time before status updates and tweets. Of pinning, tumblng, “liking”, and blogging.

It reminded me of old friends, crazy shenanigans, downtown adventures, dancing all night, summer festivals, late-night 7-11 runs and road trips (to both planned destinations or nowhere-in-particular).

There was a lot of grunge, goth, Lollapalooza, Kurt Cobain, NIN, Bowie, Bauhaus, JAMC, and The Cure. Concert reviews, pop culture, silly poetry and a glimpse into local nightlife.

I “graduated” to journaling after that (though I’ve been journaling off and on since high school), but I think I’m going to get back into it. It was kind of nice to go back and remember so many good times when connection, community and commeraderie were face-to-face.

Not that I haven’t made online friendships and don’t value the connections I’ve made. But I think it’s time to rekindle real-life relationships and build more memories to cherish…with paper and glue, colored pens and glitter, photos, clippings and scribbling in the margins.

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