Rookie Mistake

Rookie Mistake

So far, October was my 2nd best writing month of the year after January. I managed to write 29 out of the 31 days, with my highest day coming in at 4413 words, and my highest week (this past week, actually) at 13,886 words.

I’m still pretty far from my Million Word goal, but I figure if I can write 5K every weekday from now until the end of the year, I’ll write just over 520K for the entire year.

Man, if I could do that, I’d be super stoked.

I also hate myself a little right now though. One of the projects I’m working on for NaNoWriMo is the novel I started in 2008.

Man, I outlined the shiz out of that one. That was first time using First Draft in 30 Days to outline and I did so with gusto. Character sketches, plot timelines, town maps – if there was a worksheet, I filled it out. If there wasn’t, I made one.

So I thought hey…after I re-read what I wrote, It should be pretty easy to pick up where I left off, right? RIGHT?!


All the notes are there, but I guess as I started writing it, I decide to shuffle things around, rename chapters, give them different numbers so now, what’s written doesn’t match up with the outline so I’m going to have to wade through a ton of shit to figure out what the hell needs to be done just to finish the first draft.


Did I say that loud enough?



I already knew going into it that it was probably going to be a pretty maddening experience. I mean, I wrote it 5 years ago. I can only hope my writing voice has gotten better since then. But I started reading it over the past few weeks and what’s there isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. So yay!

But it’s a freaking mess, dude. I have to fight the urge to print it out, shoot it, set it on fire then throw the ashes in Lake Ontario. Because like I said, the writing’s good. It’s just my own fault for never finishing it and getting distracted by the Bright Shiny New Ideas over and over again.

Rookie mistake. One I have to fix . By myself. Without going insane.

What say you, Jennifer Lawrence? Is that doable? Is it?!


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