WIP Wednesday: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Finger PaintIt's been a while since I've done a WIP Wednesday post (not to mention There's A Story In There Somewhere or Altered Words – but I digress) – but I finally have a new WIP to talk about!

More than once, when I've been in the beginning stages of working on a story, certain strange coincidences come up that make me think I'm on the right track.

Sure, I could be grasping at straws – reading into it as a way to counteract that nagging self-doubt that tries to thwart me even before I start. But whether it's all in my head or the universe is working to prod me along…I'll take whatever I can get – even if it comes in the form of a weird coinkidink.

Wanna know what gave me that extra boost? Among other things, this news story about a "found" ancient city that was buried under water.

The entire book (NaNo 2010) will not revolve around a formerly-lost city – but the theme of things once buried that rise to the surface will definitely be in there.

Anyway, I plod along. I'm a bit behind – I wanted to start outlining this week. But right now I'm still brainstorming, putting pieces together. I think of it as dipping my fingers into as many pots of fingerpaint as possible. When I find the right ones, I'll smear them across the page and the story will materialize in the melding.

How poetic!

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2 comments to WIP Wednesday: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

  • Katey  says:

    I love the brainstorming stages, especially when things start to click into place like that.

    And dude, that city is so Lovecraft! I love it.

    • Mary  says:

      Another strange coincidence happened today w/a show on National Geographic channel. Gives me another boost that I’m on the right track!

      And how crazy is that city?! We live in a pretty cool world – inspiration and wonder everywhere 🙂

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