Confused? Don't be! Those crazy kinds on the interwebs are coming up with new net-lingo all the time! And now, us writing geeks can get in on the fun.

New writing buddy Thomas McAuley turned me on to the school of BIC HOK TAM SODA and I’m quickly becoming a convert.

Lemme break it down:

BIC – Butt In Chair
HOK – Hands Over Keyboard
TAM – Typing Away Madly
SODA – Story Only, Dumb Ass

In other words, to get any writing done, you need to plant your butt, assume the position, let your fingers fly across the keyboard and turn off all distractions while doing so.

The thing is – it’s not rocket science, people. It’s common sense. But giving it a fancy acronym makes it seem all cool & easily digestible for procrastinators, rule breakers and even the writing equivalent of the punk rocker – pantsers!

We all have our writerly rituals. Lighting incense, listening to a specific playlist, putting on your hat complete with brain wave conductors…I don't judge.

But if you need a little reminder on how to get things done, put your BIC, get your HOK, start TAM and for the love of Mulder, SODA!

Know what? It works! I've been showing up in my writing nook every day lately, turned a blind eye to the siren call of Twitter and my word count has taken off. Sure, I dip in for tiny chat morsels every now and then to keep my needy side sated. Gotta keep some of the fun! After all, I've said it before and I'll say it again. If it's not fun, you're not doing it right!

Fellow WIP Wednesday posse:

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