WIP Wednesday: Dangling Carrot

I’m back to flitting again.

I’ve got 2 WIPs that are this close to being finished.

The other night, in one of my late-night flashlight writing sessions, I brainstormed and loosely outlined my way through another idea that until then, was languishing as a mere two-paragraph “what if?” idea.

I’m trying to keep away from the Bright & Shiny New Idea until I can polish off these 2 WIPs but my resolve is weakening. Maybe I need to follow Chuck Wendig's advice. I'm already a card-carrying Plotter. Maybe I need to remember how that can help, as Chuck says, to diminish the “Holy Crap I Just Had An Awesome Idea And Now I Want To Quit This Novel For The Next Novel” Syndrome. Laughing

Maybe if I fill up the treat drawer in my writing desk, I’ll be able to keep my butt in my chair long enough to do it all. Of course, my butt might be a little bigger by "The End"…

Fellow WIP Wednesday posse:

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